DIY Deck Removal

So you have decided to remove your deck and need to know the next steps to do this successfully. Many people remove their decks to create more space or to upgrade to a newer, more modern look. First and foremost, you will need to a roll off dumpster rental in phoenix az to support all of your junk removal needs when creating all the debris from your deck removal project. You can also get some dumpster rental tips by visiting this site as well.

Dumpster Rental Phoenix

When starting a deck removal project, you should give yourself about a week or two of work time depending on how often you will be working on it. If you can recruit family and friends to help you, then you can save time and energy while spending time with the people you love most. The tool of choice when demolishing a deck is the chainsaw. A chainsaw allows you to cut up the deck into manageable pieces for throwing into the dumpster bin you have rented out. Other great tools to use are sledgehammer and axes. They help destroy the deck and loosen up nails and can also be pretty fun; be sure to take safety precautions when going crazy with these tools though.

Your plan of attack should involve starting from the top and working your way to the base. You don’t want to cut the columns because you have no way of knowing how the deck will fall and if it connected to your house, you could cause some serious damage to your home. Start small and in sections to ensure that your home stays protected and that you stay safe as well. While you are working on removing your deck make sure you cut the deck pieces into small sizes so that it makes it easy to transport them from the deck area to your dumpster bin.

Replacing Old Carpeting

carpet removal

Removing your old carpet from your house will signal your ability to have new carpeting in place of your old one that could have become worn out or stained. Even though there are so many companies out there that can offer you the services of replacing your old carpet, it is possible to do it yourself. This will generally save you a lot of money that you could have otherwise paid to the company doing the job for you. Doing it yourself would also ensure that you get the chance to prepare or preserve the floor below the carpet to your preferences and standards. Below are some useful tips on how to do it in a quick and efficient manner.

Before you commence on this task, ensure that you have a definite goal of what you want to do on your floor as well as what to do with the old carpet. You ought to decide whether you will need to save the surface underneath the carpet or not before you begin working on it. It would also be important to look into the matter of disposing of the old carpet beforehand. You should check to ensure that you are well aware of the charges that most disposal companies or hauling companies like Grand Rapids Roll Off will charge to for the dumpster to discard it in order to be ready.

Moving Furniture and Other Equipment from the Area
In order to work efficiently and fast, you ought to ensure that you have free access to the whole entire floor. This will be possible by moving all the furniture and other things that could be on the floor away in order to have access to the floor. You could move it to other rooms, outside or rent a storage area on a temporary basis.

Removing the Carpet
Before you start the actual removal of the old carpet, you could opt to vacuum it first in order to reduce the amount of dust that you will have to encounter in your task. Ensure that you also wear a dust mask if the carpet you will be removing is either wet or very old. You could protect your hands by wearing heavy gloves to avoid being pierced by tacks, staples or rough edges of the carpet. Your feet should be protected by wearing close-toed and thick-soled shoes.
remove carpet

You should start the actual removal of the carpet by pulling the edge of the old carpet that is near any of your walls. You can use a pair of pliers to grip the carpet fibers for easy removal. You could also use a carpet or utility knife to cut the carpet into strips that will be manageable and then roll them as you go. As you use the knife, ensure that you do not make any grooves onto the underneath floor surface if you will be preserving it. After pulling out the manageable strips of carpet, remove the underneath carpet padding as it also needs to be replaced. You should then carry out the rolls of padding and carpet outside.

Last Stage
Lastly, you can remove the strips if you so wish or even pull up the staples that are left from the removed padding. You should then clean the floor and remove all the debris that will be left when you remove the old carpet. You should then prepare the new floor for the new carpet. Ensure that you repair all damages and squeaks before fitting the new carpet.

Prepare Before Dumpster Arrival

There are many things you can do to prepare yourself for a rolloff container to be rented to your home. But before you do rent a dumpster it’s very important to check out the dumpster sizes to make sure you order the right home for whatever project or job you are starting on your home. When you do check out the size of your dumpster, it’s always important to check out the dimensions of each container you rent out to make sure it fits in it’s proper place.

Ask the dumpster hauler if they deliver same day or if they have any deals going on so you can better prepare yourself and here is a good website to find that out Also, it’s a good idea to clear the area you want the rolloff bin to be placed. The area should be solid like concrete or hard gravel – you do not want a dumpster to be laid on soft grass or mud because this can cause major problems that you do not want to deal with. After choosing your dumpster drop off location make sure you have a few two by fours so that the hard metal wheels of the dumpster and roll up onto them to minimize the damage it could cause to the ground below.

Make sure you are home when it is being dropped off in case there are any problems with the drop off of the container. This also ensures that the professional dumpster drivers stay professional and do a very careful job when placing the bin in the right spot.

Follow these rules mentioned above when renting out a roll off dumpster container and you will save yourself future headaches and ensure that the process of dropping off and picking up goes extremely well and you can focus more on your project at hand and not the dumpster rental process.

Types of Dumpster Materials

junk dunkDumpster materials can be categorized into construction material and household materials. Construction materials generally consist of wood, siding, window and basically everything that consists of the home structure. Household materials are typically the junk that you no longer need such as old chairs or couches or the junk created from remodeling certain parts of your home.

Types of materials that cost a charge

  • Mattresses
  • Tires
  • Paints and Solvents

Mattresses, Tires, Paints and Solvents are usually the major material types that you will get charged for since they are expensive to recycle for the haulers. It’s important to know which materials you will be throwing into your dumpster ahead of time so that you don’t get charged for the extra junk. Some dumpster rental companies though, like, will charge less for mattresses and tires because they can recycle them at reasonably costly rates. That’s why they are one of the top companies in Connecticut for roll off dumpster rentals.

The majority of people who rent bins will not throw these extra cost materials in the dumpsters, but it’s important for you to know the consequences of throwing these prohibited items in dumpsters. A typical charge for these items can range from an extra $50-$100 per item. Keep in mind that if you need a dumpster, it’s best to call a few dumpster rental companies in the area so you can compare and contrast which companies give better deals for items that have an extra cost.

Awesome Spring Cleaning Ideas

Everybody goes through the spring cleaning process and it’s a big project. Spring cleaning is also a time of year when people just want to get rid of junk build up that takes up space. Because of all of this junk build up, many people call upon residential dumpster rental services to clear up their junk.

As you begin your cleaning process, prepare for grunt work and blood, sweat and tears; depending on how much stuff you have that you want to get rid of. To get started, figure out an idea of which room to start with and move from there by moving the larger objects and transitioning to the smaller objects. Assign an area outside to put all the junk and rubbish if the dumpster is not there yet so that you are ahead of the game and prepared when it does show up.

When you decide to rent out a dumpster make sure you mark off specific days or weeks to take care of this. This is not a one day job so make sure you take advantage of your dumpster rental by being prepared.

The spring cleaning process can go a lot smoother if you have the right tools and manpower. Get some heavy duty work gloves to prevent injuries. Vacuums and dust removers or cleaners will also help you get rid of all the dust and odors on the floor beneath the junk that has been sitting there for who knows how long.

Getting your friends and family involved in this process will greatly increase the amount of junk you can move in a reduced amount of time which is what everybody wants right? It’s better to have multiple people helping you out on the larger objects that you need moved and can save you from injuring yourself trying to take it all up on your own.

You can avoid the long strenuous spring cleaning projects by cleaning your house regularly year round. Get rid of stuff you know you don’t want as soon as it piles up to keep from the junk piling up into an unstoppable force.

Low Cost Home Remodeling Ideas

Anybody that owns a home knows that ideas are always being created inside your head on how to make your house more appealing and just more fun to be in. Whether it’s building a new patio, deck, adding on to a kitchen or remodeling a bathroom, there is always ways to do this as low cost as possible. Not everyone has a fat wallet and a budget is the most important thing to think about when you want to save money while adding on a quality space in your home. There are many places over the internet to spark some creativity and give you ideas on how to remodel at low costs; websites such as pinterest and home decorating are good places to start. Here are a few other options you have and here is a good resource from dumpster rental ST Louis to rent for when you need one.

Craigslist. Browsing Craigslist can help you discover some local contractors that can do a job well done at very reasonable prices. Sometimes this is where you will find a diamond in the rough for contractors because these guys are a 1-3 man shop and don’t run their business like huge contracting companies which can be a hassle because they think they can charge and do whatever they want.

YelpIf you have trouble thinking of themes or ideas up for what type of style you want to accomplish during your next home project, then Yelp is the right place for you to go visit. This online creative store is an amazing place to get ideas and spark your imagination for your next awesome home remodel. Give it a try and search in the categories like home decoration or decor.

Books. Visiting Barnes & Noble is a good place to find great books on DIY home projects and a good resource to help you with ideas on how to save money. Sometimes going traditional and reading out of the book is some of the best information you can get.

The biggest key takeaway is to think ahead and let your imagination evolve until you feel good about what you are thinking style-wise. Do not forget that these projects usually require you to rent a dumpster so visit to rent your next roll off bin at great prices and service.  If you plan ahead and do the research you will be on your way to discovering a path of low cost home remodel that you can be proud of when it’s all said and done!

Clever Home Remodeling

When it comes to home remodeling and the projects that come along, it all comes down to preparation and doing the job right. You may want to contact a professional before undertaking a major home remodeling project. Here are some tips to get you started:

Clever Kitchen

#1. Rent a Dumpster

Renting a dumpster will save you time, money and a mess when your progressing through your project. A dumpster is cost-efficient and you can throw the junk you create throughout your project into it. It is a must-have for most home remodeling projects. Here is a great dumpster rental service that I recommend:

website: SanJoseDumpsterRentals.NET

#2. Do the Job Right

If you don’t have the skills to do a home remodel for yourself, do yourself a favor and hire a professional who has experience and knows what they are doing. You want to make sure your home looks better than it did and add some market value.

#3. Match Your Neighborhoods Style

If you over-remodel your home it could come back to haunt you and actually lower the value of your home. Nobody wants to buy a mansion in a trailer park.

#4. Choose Style that Will Last

Use materials that are high quality, not trendy; trends come and go just as the wind does. Granite counter tops and stainless steel are usually good bets to chose when looking for ideas for your home remodel.

In Conclusion

When it’s time for a home remodel,  think of all the fun you will have progressing towards your ultimate goal. It will be a rush just thinking of how nice your home is going to look when it is completed. As long as you put thought into your project before you start, you should be on good track to your dream home.

But please don’t forget the important aspect of renting a dumpster. This is often overlooked but is essential to your home remodel project. Dumpster Rental SAN JOSE Pros is a good place to start when researching your dumpster rental roll off providers. Visiting Yelp for dumpsters is a good place to look as well. Sooner or later you will need a dumpster, it’s part of the home remodeling process. If you consider this as well as the 4 tips above, you will be on your way to a successful project. For more tips, visit this site right here.


Dumpster Tips in Atlanta

Many of you will be renting a dumpster for the first time in your lives because lets face it, it’s not something you get interested in, it’s something that becomes a necessity when you are building a home, remodeling or landscaping your yard. There are way, however, to make sure you get the best deals on your dumpster rental when it comes time to do the research for your re-building project needs. To follow are tips to help you with your Atlanta dumpster rental decision on a hauler:

What you need to know

You want to make sure the company you choose does a great job and has a running history of great reviews in the community. There are a lot of pop-up dumpster haulers that come and go, but you usually want to stay away from them since they aren’t established yet and are still probably working on the kinks of running the business which could lead to higher prices and non-timely deliveries. A good place to start is by searching yellow pages or Google. Google will provide you with top businesses in your area for dumpster rental and you should check out their webpage to see what sizes are offered and what types of services they offer as well. You might have to call up 2-3 different companies to get a price quote and when you call for a price quote make sure to ask if they have any deals going on, sometimes they will have seasonal discounts and such but you need to ask in order to receive the discount.

Choose local over national companies

Right off the bat, you will save money renting locally than renting from national dumpster haulers. National companies have much more overhead expenses to take care off so this directly affects you with higher prices – the only advantage they have is the brand name which people know and trust. Local haulers depend on repeat business and good word of mouth within the community so you can be assured that they will provide you with a great job well done and awesome customer service. They are usually small and family-owned companies that take pride in the community and rely on referral business.

How to choose a company

The first thing you need to do before renting from any company is to compare 2-3 of them. This way you can compare the pricing and different services each offers. One company might offer the highest price but gives you a free refill while the other has a low quote but charge for each refill which could end up being more in the long run. Go with the company that offers the services you need, such as same day delivery and pick up, and has the dumpster size you require.

I hope these tips have helped you make a better decision on renting your dumpster, a good resource for that is to visit Atlanta Dumpster Rental HQ because they will let you know what dumpster size is right for your project and help you make the best decision possible. Good luck dumpster renting!

Simple Home Projects

If you want to save money on some easy-to-do home projects, then you have found the right spot. To follow are simple projects that you can do to save some money. Don’t spend money that you could save by doing it yourself.

Here is a list of some easy projects and fixes anyone can do around the house and help you save a little. Simple quick tip, if you are doing more major remodeling which creates junk you will need to rent a dumpster but make sure you rent locally.

Clean your own mirrors and windows. Sometimes there is gunk that can get stuck to your windows and mirrors that are a pain to get rid of. Simply use a sharp razor to scrape at that stubborn stuff. Once you have done this, then whip out your glass cleaner and finish the cleaning.

Fix up your home baseboards. It can be an annoyance to notice the gap between your wall and the bottom baseboard, so to fix this issue you can simply use caulk and close the gap and make it look more welcoming; it will also clear all that dust that can build up. Make sure to come back and clean them about every month or so to make sure build up does not occur – it doesn’t take that long to do this, maybe 10-15 minutes to dust all of them.

EXTRA TIP: Don’t forget that if you are doing larger home projects, it’ always a good idea to rent a dumpster and the best dumpster hauler is Quick Dumpsters because they offer the best prices and offer same day deliveries.

Get rid of the smelly carpets. Old carpets can hold and keep nasty, unseen dirt, hair and other things you can’t imagine that cause unpleasant smells. Baking soda is the ultimate way to freshen up your carpet odors. Sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet evenly and use a thick bristled broom to comb over all the baking soda so that it spreads out more evenly. Let it sit overnight so it gives the baking soda a chance to suck up the nasty odors and then vacuum it up the next day. Boom, your carpet will smell fresh now!

Keep the front door as clean as possible. In 5-10 minutes you can have a clean front door that now stands out to people. Just use a wet rag to get all the film of dust covering your door. Then repeat this about 2-3 times, you may need to change up your rags but a few dirty rags is well worth your front door looking amazing.

Get rid of nasty gunk build up on light switches. Seeing a light switch with dark gunk build up on it is never pleasing to the eye and may have you wondering if your gonna get shocked the next time you turn the switch to “on”. You can replace the cover or just use a cotton swab by twisting as you move over the gunk – the gunk will stick to the swab and your light switch will be looking brand new.

For more information, check out this site or visit their Facebook Page.

Benefits of DIY Projects

DIY ProjectsI’m sure you have heard of the many benefits of doing projects yourself and there are many benefits to doing this. You can save money but you can also make your creativity come out on projects and in the end you can see a piece of you and your creativity in the finished project which is very rewarding.

The ultimate benefit of choosing to do projects on your own is that you are your own boss. You don’t have to communicate with multiple contractors and try and get your point across to them which can be stressful at times. You are able to put your creativity to work and create something from your mind.

The secondary benefit is that you will be saving money if you do research and carefully plan your project accordingly. Without a solid plan, you are setting yourself up for a disaster which causes tons of unwanted stress. Choose local with all the materials, products and services because they are always lower in price than the big national retailers. This is especially true when you need a dumpster. Here is a great dumpster rental HOUSTON TX junk and dumpster hauler that will not let you down – visit their website at

There are many useful websites out there to help you along the way with whatever DIY project you are going to undertake. Youtube, and other video websites like this have unlimited amounts of video tutorials if you ever get stuck in your project at some point. Leverage the power of the internet for your benefit because it is free and will make your home project more of a breeze. It never hurts to ask or receive help in order to get done what you need to get done – it’s just smart!

Doing projects yourself is very rewarding and fulfilling. Yes, during the project it might be hard at times and downright dissapointing but if you keep moving forward past the humps you will be surprised at what you can accomplish with your two hands and your brain. Doing projects by yourself can also lead to conversatons with close ones that you never really had anything to talk about. It’s a good way to make relationships stronger and more authentic. Learn more about us at our page.

3 Kitchen Remodel Upgrades to Avoid

So you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen because it is about 10 years over do – what do you do now? Stainless steel is the new fad that everybody wants in their kitchens but buying the wrong stainless steel appliance will leave you regretting your decision to buy. To follow are certain things that consumers have been talking about which has caused headaches and uber amounts of money in repair costs.

Refrigerators with ice and water dispensers on the frontImage of Fridge

This is the most popular feature that buyers ask for when purchasing a new fridge. Although convenient, consider these factors first.

Know this: In general, refrigerators with these dispensers in the front have routinely had problems which require quite high repair costs you might want to consider (according to consumer reports surveys).

What to do: Top picks for front-door dispensers are Samsung and Kenmore brands. They are the most dependable brands for refrigerators on the market. Throw out your old fridge and make sure you hire a good Kansas City MO Dumpster Rental Service company to dispose of your old refrigerator. If you have more questions about these services you can visit them at

Top-notch rangesRanges

Pro-style ranges have a glimmering look to them that make people double look them. You pay for the value you get from new technology and modern technology but is it worth the price tag?

Know this: Prices of these top-notch ranges can cost between $4,500-$8,500. The price tag is too large because it is not backed up by durability and performance which is why you would buy an appliance this expensive.

What to do: The most bang for your buck is to go with a KitchenAid brand model at $4,000. Consumer reports state that these give you the best performance and without sacrificing much for it. It provides both electric and gas outputs for whichever style you prefer.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops has been and will be for a while, the most popular and trending upgrade that everybody wants. It not only offers style but is resistant to scratches, heat and many other everyday things that go on in the kitchen.

Know this: Granite countertops can be a magnet for grease and a variety of other nasty concoctions which can seep into the granite and dust can stick to it which isn’t what you want building up on your kitchen countertop. Visit this site for more information.

What to do: To avoid the dust bunnies and grease build-up, clean your countertops daily so it doesn’t have time to soak in and attract dust. You also have the option to apply a granite countertop sealant which should be applied every half year or so.

DIY Window Replacement

When it comes time to replace your windows, you can bet that it can be easily done by DIY handy work. To follow are 5 essential steps that you can take to successfully replace your old windows and get newer upgraded ones.

1. Remove Old Windows

Old Window Repair

Window frames need to be removed and to do this you will need a crowbar to rip out the entire window frame from the wall frame of the house. Please be careful when doing this as not to damage the good parts of the frame.

2. Frame Adjustments

The frame must match your new window size and this could require you to add some 2X4’s or strip away unneeded bulky parts in the old window frame. Knowing the size of your new windows ahead of time will greatly reduce any unwanted extra costs.

3. Install New Window

Always install your new windows from the exterior of the home – this is how it is done. You will want to push the window up against the frame until it is flush so that you know it fits. Next, you will want to screw your window into place; one screw for each corner of the window.

4. Insulate New Window

Between the casing and the window, apply expanding foam sealant so that it fills up the gaps in between them. This foam is an excellent source of insulation and last almost forever or until you decide to replace it. Once the foam is applied, cover it with painters tape to protect it while it is drying. An important point of caution is to make sure not to add too much of this foam as it can warp the window from expanding to much.

5. Clean Up

After the window(s) have been installed you will need to scrape away the excess trip from the dried up foam. If the exterior of the window doesn’t look nice, then you can buy some nice trim to fix it up. To learn more about cleanup services you can check out dumpster rental Omaha roll offs and you can learn more about their pricing at this page to learn about the costs. They are the best Omaha dumpster rental pros in the Omaha and Councill Bluffs areas. Now it’s time for you to replace your old ugly windows and get your new better looking ones to show off to your next door neighbors.

DIY Landscaping

Patio Deck FirePitThe ultimate best place to landscape is going to be at the front of your house where everybody can see it and enjoy it. If you live on a lake, the back of the house should be well established as well. The point of landscaping is to show off it’s beauty!

Before you do anything, you will need to tend to the dirt/soil and make sure it is rich and fertile so that the plants will have a long and healthy life. Some great soil matter might include peat moss, shredded bark, and mold. These are essential ingredients for rich soil. If you are going to plant next to your house, make sure the plants are little shrubs so not as to block the windows and start growing on the house. It’s always a good idea to include flowers along with other plants because this will make it pop out at the eyes and look more pleasant.

The backyard is the most landscape-rich area of most people’s homes. This is where landscaped decks and fire pits look amazing if done right. If you do decide to go all out and have an awesome deck and fire pit combo for landscaping you will need the following. Since the deck will need to be constructed, this means there will be a lot of construction trash to be disposed of so visit or to learn more, go to roll off dumpster rental in las vegas nv. Being prepared with the necessary equipment is key to successful projects like this one.

After you lay the ground work down and know where you want everything located, now it’s time to think about any wants or desires you have. Do you want a fireplace? outside bar? pool, sauna or hot tub? These are all fun to think about so grab a glass of wine and talk it over with your significant other and enjoy the moment. Half of the fun of landscaping is the creativity and charm that go into it before starting.

The most important thing of all is to enjoy your new landscaped area. If you took the time to plan and put your passions into it, you will have no problem enjoying your new addition to your home. You might find that you spend a lot more time outside on your new patio, deck or fire pit because you put it together in a way that is most appealing to you.