3 Kitchen Remodel Upgrades to Avoid

So you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen because it is about 10 years over do – what do you do now? Stainless steel is the new fad that everybody wants in their kitchens but buying the wrong stainless steel appliance will leave you regretting your decision to buy. To follow are certain things that consumers have been talking about which has caused headaches and uber amounts of money in repair costs.

Refrigerators with ice and water dispensers on the frontImage of Fridge

This is the most popular feature that buyers ask for when purchasing a new fridge. Although convenient, consider these factors first.

Know this: In general, refrigerators with these dispensers in the front have routinely had problems which require quite high repair costs you might want to consider (according to consumer reports surveys).

What to do: Top picks for front-door dispensers are Samsung and Kenmore brands. They are the most dependable brands for refrigerators on the market. Throw out your old fridge and make sure you hire a good Kansas City MO Dumpster Rental Service company to dispose of your old refrigerator. If you have more questions about these services you can visit them at KansasCityDumpsterRentals.net.

Top-notch rangesRanges

Pro-style ranges have a glimmering look to them that make people double look them. You pay for the value you get from new technology and modern technology but is it worth the price tag?

Know this: Prices of these top-notch ranges can cost between $4,500-$8,500. The price tag is too large because it is not backed up by durability and performance which is why you would buy an appliance this expensive.

What to do: The most bang for your buck is to go with a KitchenAid brand model at $4,000. Consumer reports state that these give you the best performance and without sacrificing much for it. It provides both electric and gas outputs for whichever style you prefer.

Granite Countertops

Granite countertops has been and will be for a while, the most popular and trending upgrade that everybody wants. It not only offers style but is resistant to scratches, heat and many other everyday things that go on in the kitchen.

Know this: Granite countertops can be a magnet for grease and a variety of other nasty concoctions which can seep into the granite and dust can stick to it which isn’t what you want building up on your kitchen countertop. Visit this site for more information.

What to do: To avoid the dust bunnies and grease build-up, clean your countertops daily so it doesn’t have time to soak in and attract dust. You also have the option to apply a granite countertop sealant which should be applied every half year or so.

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