DIY Deck Removal

So you have decided to remove your deck and need to know the next steps to do this successfully. Many people remove their decks to create more space or to upgrade to a newer, more modern look. First and foremost, you will need to a roll off dumpster rental in phoenix az to support all of your junk removal needs when creating all the debris from your deck removal project. You can also get some dumpster rental tips by visiting this site as well.

Dumpster Rental Phoenix

When starting a deck removal project, you should give yourself about a week or two of work time depending on how often you will be working on it. If you can recruit family and friends to help you, then you can save time and energy while spending time with the people you love most. The tool of choice when demolishing a deck is the chainsaw. A chainsaw allows you to cut up the deck into manageable pieces for throwing into the dumpster bin you have rented out. Other great tools to use are sledgehammer and axes. They help destroy the deck and loosen up nails and can also be pretty fun; be sure to take safety precautions when going crazy with these tools though.

Your plan of attack should involve starting from the top and working your way to the base. You don’t want to cut the columns because you have no way of knowing how the deck will fall and if it connected to your house, you could cause some serious damage to your home. Start small and in sections to ensure that your home stays protected and that you stay safe as well. While you are working on removing your deck make sure you cut the deck pieces into small sizes so that it makes it easy to transport them from the deck area to your dumpster bin.

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