DIY Window Replacement

When it comes time to replace your windows, you can bet that it can be easily done by DIY handy work. To follow are 5 essential steps that you can take to successfully replace your old windows and get newer upgraded ones.

1. Remove Old Windows

Old Window Repair

Window frames need to be removed and to do this you will need a crowbar to rip out the entire window frame from the wall frame of the house. Please be careful when doing this as not to damage the good parts of the frame.

2. Frame Adjustments

The frame must match your new window size and this could require you to add some 2X4’s or strip away unneeded bulky parts in the old window frame. Knowing the size of your new windows ahead of time will greatly reduce any unwanted extra costs.

3. Install New Window

Always install your new windows from the exterior of the home – this is how it is done. You will want to push the window up against the frame until it is flush so that you know it fits. Next, you will want to screw your window into place; one screw for each corner of the window.

4. Insulate New Window

Between the casing and the window, apply expanding foam sealant so that it fills up the gaps in between them. This foam is an excellent source of insulation and last almost forever or until you decide to replace it. Once the foam is applied, cover it with painters tape to protect it while it is drying. An important point of caution is to make sure not to add too much of this foam as it can warp the window from expanding to much.

5. Clean Up

After the window(s) have been installed you will need to scrape away the excess trip from the dried up foam. If the exterior of the window doesn’t look nice, then you can buy some nice trim to fix it up. To learn more about cleanup services you can check out dumpster rental Omaha roll offs and you can learn more about their pricing at this page to learn about the costs. They are the best Omaha dumpster rental pros in the Omaha and Councill Bluffs areas. Now it’s time for you to replace your old ugly windows and get your new better looking ones to show off to your next door neighbors.

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