Types of Dumpster Materials

junk dunkDumpster materials can be categorized into construction material and household materials. Construction materials generally consist of wood, siding, window and basically everything that consists of the home structure. Household materials are typically the junk that you no longer need such as old chairs or couches or the junk created from remodeling certain parts of your home.

Types of materials that cost a charge

  • Mattresses
  • Tires
  • Paints and Solvents

Mattresses, Tires, Paints and Solvents are usually the major material types that you will get charged for since they are expensive to recycle for the haulers. It’s important to know which materials you will be throwing into your dumpster ahead of time so that you don’t get charged for the extra junk. Some dumpster rental companies though, like dumpsterrentalct.net, will charge less for mattresses and tires because they can recycle them at reasonably costly rates. That’s why they are one of the top companies in Connecticut for roll off dumpster rentals.

The majority of people who rent bins will not throw these extra cost materials in the dumpsters, but it’s important for you to know the consequences of throwing these prohibited items in dumpsters. A typical charge for these items can range from an extra $50-$100 per item. Keep in mind that if you need a dumpster, it’s best to call a few dumpster rental companies in the area so you can compare and contrast which companies give better deals for items that have an extra cost.